Bison V-Commander

Bison V-Commander


Bison V-Commander

The beltronic-IPC BISON V-Commander  with a remote display unit is built for use in military applications which require this type of robust and reliable system. The compact and extremely solid aluminum housing is protected up to IP65. The system is fan less and is based on Intel’s newest CPU from XEON to Core i7/5/3.
There are nearly no customization limits. The lower case compartment is for instance capable of holding any types of special customer interfaces, switches, relays, filters etc. Changes in mechanical structure and various hardware options are available even in small quantities.
The system complies to MIL-STD 810 and to high EMC/EMI standards such as MIL461/704/1275. It operates on 24V DC power environment. The integrated UPS function with a internal battery pack can power the system for some minutes independently if the power inputs fail.
The remote display is available in 10”, 12” and 15.6” with customized function keys on the front panel. As the space in military vehicles are normally very tight the display cable up to 5m allows a flexible placing of the CPU-Unit and the remote display.


Tech. Specs


Housing Rugged aluminum housing, variable colors and additional anti-corrosion treatment
CPU Intel Core i3, i5, i7 7th gen, XEON E3, Atom
RAM Up to 16GB DDR4
Storage 8GB-2TB SATA SSD
Video VGA
OS Windows 7 or 10, Linux
Power 12-32VDC
MIL Connectors MIL I/O Connectors for all I/O ports according to customers specification
Customizing Integration of customer I/O boards or special hardware components in the lower compartment.

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Technical Datasheet

Tech. Data-sheet

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